• Luke

    Three Dimensions, all the color

    Luke Choice is an Australian digital artist, working across multiple disciplines including 3D illustration, typography and animation. His work thrives across barriers and so too do his sources of inspiration. "A stroll around my neighborhood is typically best way to break through creative block," Luke says of finding inspiration. "Living in a diverse area exposes me to so many different perspectives, from the architecture to the food and ways of life."

    Luke is inspired by:
    • Cartoons, Comics & Anime
    • Flora & Fauna
    • Travel and experiencing different cultures.
    • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Leah

    The UX Veteran

    Leah Buley's 15 years in the UX field gives her the insight and experience to drive projects forward. She's known for her quirky presentations, her book, The User Experience Team of One, and design that's laser-focused on the user to best help her clients. "In UX, inspiration is a lovechild from the union of the practitioner’s own creative impulses and users’ needs. When I feel stumped it usually means I don’t understand enough about those user needs. Who will use this thing? Would they really want or need to? Why?"

    Leah is inspired by:
    • Great insights from field research, well organized
    • Books about the creative process like this, this and this
    • Other people’s sketchbooks
    • Taking a walk
  • Jennet

    Multidisciplinary Designer, 3d Maven, Experimentor

    New York-based Jennet Liaw is an illustrator and designer with the passion of a freelancer and a design aesthetic that merges the urban and the organic. Her bold type and beautiful illustrations balance the familiar and nostalgic with an element of more uncharted newness. "So when I hit a wall on a project, I’ll seek inspiration for that which I feel is lacking; if the familiar references aren’t quite solid, I’ll dig through my archives of inspiration images and moodboards," Jennet says. "If I don’t feel that I’ve brought enough of a freshness to the concept, I’ll go offline and let my mind run through new ideas while on a walk.

    Jennet is inspired by:
    • Listening to 90’s R&B
    • Cooking
    • Sifting through wartime / air service graphic memorabilia
    • Walks through my neighborhood in Brooklyn
  • Marcelo

    Digital Design Ninja

    Marcelo Silva is an independent XDer, co-founder of and father to a baby boy. He seeks inspiration from his surroundings and environment. "Stepping away from my desk is my most efficient strategy against creative blocks," Marcelo says. "Sometimes I need a trip to the mountains or sometimes I just need to go into the other room and hold my baby boy for 5 minutes. The process of clearing your head and exposing yourself to other things outside of my computer screen is the best source of inspiration for me."

    Marcelo is inspired by:
    • Family
    • Photography
    • The Outdoors / Nature
    • Music
  • Justin

    Digital Artist, Endless Inspiration

    Justin Maller is an Australian freelance illustrator and art director based in Brooklyn, NY. He has been creating digital art for over fifteen years and constantly seeks inspiration so he seldom experiences a creative block. "I do a good job feeding my imagination so when it’s time to work it’s there for me," says Justin. "If I ever reach an impasse on a piece, I just step away and put it out of my mind for a time. A change in perspective is usually all that is required."

    Justin is inspired by:
    • Walking my dog Frank through Brooklyn
    • Playing music with my band Book Club
    • Cooking a new recipe
    • Reading...
  • Rachel

    Youtuber of the Chic life

    California-native Rachel Nguyen has built a chic lifestyle brand that's equal parts down-to-earth and tongue-in-cheek. Followers love her overall laid-back luxe vibe, documented in her life through outfits, music, and mood boards. She says the vibrant life she shares with fans keeps her inspired. "I think a lot of creativity stems from experience and for me, I’m always trying to translate a mood or feeling into content."

    Rachel is inspired by:
    • Time disconnected from the Internet
    • Music on blast
    • My friends
    • Great travels
  • Jouelzy

    Cultural Commentator and 'Smart Brown Girl'

    Jouelzy is a blogger, vlogger and founder of the #SmartBrownGirl movement. She's passionate about celebrating women of color and used the Make It Impactful program as a platform to encourage women of color to make their own impact using Adobe tools. Her main outlet, YouTube, is the home of her witty commentary on current cultural topics that impact women of color, advocating for the smart brown girl so they too can advocate for all smart brown girls.

    Jouelzy is inspired by:
  • Gareth

    The Multifaceted Maker

    Gareth Pon is Africa's top Instagrammer, founder of the South African Instagrammers' Community and a passionate creative. In combination with his knowledge of film, photography, community and brief dabbling in fashion and architecture, his experience serves to give a unique approach to creative innovative ideas. "I believe that inspiration comes from being wildly innocent, and when I feel I’ve reached a creative block – I push to return to a child-like mentality where everything is new and fresh again."

    Gareth is inspired by:
  • Ted

    The Digital Dreamcatcher

    Ted Chin is a San Francisco-based artist and photographer whose true medium is dreams. His beautiful and imaginative composites come from his deep curiosity about himself as an artist. "To see how our mind works really makes me wonder how far can I dream or imagine," says Ted. "There is no limit to it and I want to share what I saw with people who haven’t realized that they have the same ability to see it too."

    Ted is inspired by:
    • Surreal artists
    • Animation
    • Fairy tales
    • Feelings and moods
  • Katie

    Truth and Beauty Chaser

    Katie Orlinsky is a photographer and cinematographer based in New York City. She has spent over a decade covering news stories and feature assignments all around the world. She says her global travels allow for endless opportunities for inspiration. "I find so much inspiration in seeing a place for the first time, so if I’ve hit a creative block, I try to get away and engage with my most immediate surroundings as if it is all completely new, walking the streets like a tourist, talking to strangers, and simply being as present in the moment as possible."

    Katie is inspired by:
    • The Alaskan wilderness
    • Cool animals
    • Human resilience and dignity
    • Empathy

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